About Us

Zakład Automatyki ZREMB Warszawa was founded in 1959 and became privately owned limited company  in 1991.

We are able to control almost everything – even a moisture of single use baby diaper. However, we usually deal more complicated applications. We offer complete solutions for industry: from engineering to commissioning. We specialize in batch process automation especially in building, concrete, aerated concrete, animal feed and glass industry. We develop our own dedicated software as well as use standard PLC+SCADA tools for engineering control systems called PCS ( Process Control Systems ) and production management systems called MES ( Manufacture Execution Systems ).

We design and assembly control cabinets as well as power cabinets ( MCC ) and execute electrical installations on sites.

This department is developing our dedicated systems for industry - ideally tailored to the customer's needs

We assemble control & power cabinets, hopper scales, small constructions for commissioning purposes.

Technological concepts, electrical and mechanical design is being made here.

First contact engineers are always happy to help and assist you any time, anywhere. To solve your problems.

It takes care not only of the financial stability of the company, but also about the reliability.

This company has always gathered generations – experience with willingness for new challenge.

Jerzy Kula, Financial Director

Our business is selling neither products nor systems. Our business is solving people’s problems in industry.

Krzysztof Kędra, Chief Executive Officer


It has been so many years since we started to develop our own systems for industry


Data Acquisition time ( in miliseconds ) of our visualisation systems

63 500

Number of transport ways calculated by our latest system for automatic raw material handling


Annual consumption of coffee cups by our developers ( however, some of them do not drink coffee at all )